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A meeting point for teachers and students where learning wins


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Edmodo is an app that creates an online meeting point for teachers and students, where both parties can connect and collaborate with each other. Regardless of the time or place, the app's goal is to provide a secure and permanent link between those who teach and those who learn.

As usual, the app lets you create secure groups where only members can enter. This way, people from outside the work group or class will not be able to gain access to the content inside the app.

Among Edmodo's most common uses are the resolution and delivery of practice exams, homework and other school assignments. It's also used as a way to encourage students to engage in dialogue about the subjects taught in class. After all, thanks to this app, a subject of dialogue doesn't need to end when the bell rings.

Edmodo is a commonly used educational tool that offers very interesting benefits. It's important to remember that both teachers and students have to create a private user account if they want to use the app.

Requires Android 2.3 or higher